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Dec. 24th, 2007

Computer is down. Big surprise.
Roommates and I are going to get a new one on Friday. I'm at work, so unfortunately I've got to go.
Have a Merry Christmas, or whatever it is that you celebrate, if anything at all.
hey guys, i would be on msn right now, but i don't want to be on for very long and my head hurts way too much.
the other day i slipped and fell in the shower (how lame) and busted my head wide open, so i got taken to the ER for a whole lot of stitches. i'm kind of concussed and while i have been getting better, i can't stand the screen flickering for long before i feel sick. so, i'll be on when i'm no longer photosensitive. sorry to have to notify you like this, i know you hate it, but this takes less time than on msn and i need to go lie down.


Something I found interesting.

I'm born in the year of the Dragon, which has an inherent element of Wood, and the year in which I was born is a Wood year. So I'm a double Wood Dragon.
My 'Inner Animal,' Or the animal and element corresponding to the month of my birth, is a Dog of Metal.
My 'Hidden Animal,' Or the animal and element corresponding to the hour of my birth, is a Rabbit of Wood.


The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass was very yes.
The fight between the panserbjorne was so bloody awesome, seriously. And it was a good adaptation. A lot of it was how I imagined it to be. Some things were off kilter, or explained in a different way, but for fuck's sake a film and a book are not the same medium.

Falling into bed, also, happy birthday Sanny.

Vending Machines

So I keep seeing Knuckles and Tails plushes in those stupid ripoff 'get-the-toy-with-the-claw-despite-the-fact-that-the-claw-has-absolutely-no-gripping-power-whatsoever' machines. (I swear Hell is lined with those things) and I can NEVER EVER get them! I wasted five dollars on one of those once trying to get a Tails plush. I even PICKED IT UP with the claw but it dropped it on its way to the plastic chute. What the fuck is that faggotry!?
I'm a Knuxfag and I want me a Knux! Stupid vending machines!

Random thought

If Johnny Depp ever does a movie for anyone else, remember this; Tim Burton is only lending him out.

Guitar Hero

Am I the only one who hates the everloving shit out of Guitar Hero?
I hate the premise, I hate the way it operates, and most of all I hate the commercials.
Take the Canadian Tire Guitar Hero commercial, for instance. Two unattractive guys screaming and weeeoowwwing and making enormous asses of themselves. It assaults my eardrums every time it's on. I literally scramble for the mute button to keep myself sane.
Fuck you Canadian Tire, and fuck you, Guitar Hero. Go learn to play a real guitar. u. u


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